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Shelley Holroyd OLY, our Sports & esports Champion, unfolds the chapters of her remarkable athletics and coaching career and delves into her personal experiences with disability.

As we converge to celebrate diversity and advocate for a more accessible world, one of the key focal points is the transformative impact of assistive technology in shaping a comfortable and inclusive home living environment.

Matt Allcock, better known as The Wobbly Gamer, is a video games accessibility consultant, accessibility advocate, disabled content creator and streamer, and our Gaming Champion.

I am 6ft 3, black, and a man. On the outside, most people would NEVER associate me with any disability. Yet on Saturday 4th June, I was finally diagnosed with ‘Pure 0’, OCD. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a disability that is very much hidden and those with OCD hide their physical compulsions.

Following a recent article by Thiis, we caught up with our Accessible Vehicle and Travel Advice Advocate Roger Warner for his thoughts:

Since we last reported on the Government’s mini-budget announcement there has been the transition to a new Chancellor and statement. As a result, some of the previously discussed factors that will impact disabled people have changed.

Guest blog from Olivia Surguy. The theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day is ‘Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority’. I believe in order to achieve this we must shift from speaking about mental wellness to educating about mental illness.

In the past few days, Health and Social Care Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister Thérèse Coffey announced the government’s new 'Our plan for patients to improve care for patients this winter and in the future’. Let’s explore these changes.

On Friday chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng made a statement on the cost-of-living crisis and the plans the government has to support people across the country. This includes changes to benefits that many disabled people depend upon.

The Purple Pound is worth £274 billion annually in the UK. Can your business afford to be inaccessible?

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