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Tanya Marwaha is one of our Champions for the Workplace & Inclusive Cultures priority action area. In this exclusive interview, she shares her experiences of living with Fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome...

The media plays a pivotal role in shaping public perceptions of disability in sports. Positive representation not only fosters inclusivity but also inspires future generations of athletes with disabilities.

Meet Terri-Louise Brown: Founder of Talks With M.S., Disability Advocate and Money & Legal Matters Champion. Discover, in our exclusive interview, her personal journey as a Black disabled woman, navigating corporate challenges, and the inspiration behind her involvement in this particular area of the event.

The UK government has Introduced a new law that will require voters to show identification at the polling station in order to cast their ballot. The purpose of this law is to prevent voter fraud, but it could have unintended consequences for some voters, particularly those with disabilities.

Art therapy has been proven as an effective medium through which individuals with learning disabilities can express their thoughts and feelings. They have been utilised as a means to explore different communication methods, better understand the state of mind and discover new ways to find solutions to challenges they are facing.

Music is a medium through which individuals can cultivate different connections, hence it has the power to affect people in ways. Research has highlighted that music could strengthen parts of the brain to help with the certain elements experienced by individuals with learning disabilities.

The blog post is about functional neurological disorder (FND), a long-term health condition that affects the brain's reception and transmission of neural signals. The post discusses the different ways FND can present in individuals, the unique challenges faced by FND patients, and the importance of raising awareness, promoting dialogue, and increasing representation to drive advancements in research and improve the quality of life for those with FND. The post also celebrates the strength and resilience of FND warriors and their contribution to paving the way for a better future for people with FND.

Stuart Wheeler shares his experiences on both poor and good access for wheelchair users like himself.

The UK government's 2023 budget has just been announced, with Chancellor Jeremy Hunt outlining a range of measures aimed at boosting the economy and addressing key issues such as housing, healthcare and climate change.

Stuart Wheeler shares his thoughts on buying from companies who represent disabled people in their sales and marketing.

Disability awareness trainer Sarah Petherbridge shares with us the power of allyship. Including how to be a good ally and the importance of allyship in the workplace.

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